The Mt.Tron University of Peace will work actively on two levels: Individual level and collective level.

Individual level

Art of life / Art of Living course:

1. Learn language of body

This will be a ‘survival class’ - a kind of ecology of the body—where we will learn how to survive in the world. Focus will be on food habit, lifestyle, physical exercises and relaxation, right breathing, etc.

2. Read the mind

This will be a ‘silence class’ where we will gain insight into our own psychology in peaceful and harmonious surroundings. Focus will be on mental relaxation, mental concentration and mental observation.

3. Know Thyself

This will be a ‘philosophical class’ where the great and fundamental questions in life will be examined in the light of our self-identity and our self-integrity. Questions like ‘Who am I?’, ‘From where have I come and where am I going?’, and ‘What is the meaning of life?’ will be central here.


The contents of the course will be according to science and nature. The annual cycle of activities will also follow the course of nature:

March-April-May: One three-month in-depth Art of Life course.

June-July-August: Three or four three-week intensive Art of Life courses, and Festivals.

September-October-November: One three-month in-depth Art of Life course.

December-January-February: ’Hibernation’ with ’rent a room for the winter’ - no courses or general public activity, due to the snow and climate of winter.


Collective level

A varity of cultural offers and events:

Peace forum · Humanity forum · International conferences on peace and human dignity · International political and diplomatic summit meetings · Seminars · Exhibitions · Concerts · Theatrical performances · Films · Other events · Annual international music festivals for folk music, indigenous peoples music, sacred music, etc. Other annual festivals.


Seminars will be held every weekend, and other cultural events will be held regularly, during the entire active season.

Individual and collective activities will be going on simultaneously.