Mt.Tron is internationally known as the ’Mountain of Truth’ or the ’Mountain of Wisdom’ in Norway since the Indian sage, poet and philosopher, Swami Sri Ananda Acharya, lived on this mountain for nearly 30 years. Both his tomb and his memorial are found on the mountain. As long ago as 1918 Ananda Acharya himself chose the ’Peace Plateau’ as the proper site for the proposed University of Peace.

Mt.Tron is already a tourist attraction of importance in this part of the country. A single mountain with a road all the way to the top is unique in Norway and North Europe. The Mt.Tron Road crosses the plateau a few hundred metres from the proposed site of the University of Peace. There is a spectacular view from here overlooking some of the highest and most famous mountain ranges of Norway. The combination of mountain, peace and human dignity—each of which has made Norway known abroad—can create a strong symbol for Norway in the World.

The surroundings automatically induce great mental peace and quiet, and the mind naturally reflects the wide horizon and becomes as open as the infinite heavens above. Highly elevated over the turmoil and stress of every-day life on the busy plains and in the narrow valleys, our worries and problems disappear imperceptibly, and at last we find ourselves in harmony with nature. For these reasons the location of the Mt.Tron University of Peace is an important part of the idea and essential for the successful accomplishment of the goal.

Because of all this the ’Peace Plateau’ therefore appears as naturally designed for the project.